Warranty service
The warranty covers all equipment offered for sale by MOBIPROF company. The warranty period is indicated in the product certificate or in the warranty card. In the warranty period, the buyer is entitled to free-of-charge repair of the equipment in case of its failure. In case of any malfunctions in the equipment operation, it is necessary to stop the operation immediately and contact our service center.
Once a customer contacts it due to detected malfunctions in the equipment operation, our service center specialists carry out expert review and find out the malfunction causes. In case of manufacturing or other defects caused by the manufacturer, a warranty product repair is performed. The warranty does not cover the defects caused by external effects (voltage surges, damages as a result of drops or improper transportation, etc.), absence of a nameplate with machine marking or other mechanical damages (notches, spalls, indentations, etc.) caused by violation of operation rules detailed in the manual.

Aftersales service
MOBIPROF company offers qualified service maintenance of your equipment. Service maintenance is carried out both upon expiration of the warranty period, and in the warranty policy time. The service operations may include diagnostics, setup, minor repairs and replacement of assemblies and units of the machines.

Scheduled maintenance works (replacement of oil in the machine assemblies, removal of zinc deposit, etc.) are carried out by the customer independently, but they can alternatively be performed by the professionals of our service center.
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