Powered cantilever decoiler KR-10

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Powered cantilever decoiler KR-10 is designed for uncoiling a 1250 mm wide roll weighing up to 10 000 kg. It is used in pattern cutting lines and roll forming lines for metal tile, profiled flooring, sandwich panel, etc.

The coiled metal decoiler is equipped with an electric drive and a closed-loop control system for monitoring of the operation speed. A sensor is used to analyze the loop sagging level, depending on it the drive speed is controlled smoothly and steplessly. The operation is free of jerks and overloads, which allowed decreased the drive power and, respectively, the power consumption.

Manual mandrel expansion for coil fixation is carried out synchronically using a screw-nut. To avoid impact loads, an electric protection option is provided in the decoiler design - the frequency converter controls the electric motor shaft speed steplessly.

  • open side design for easy coil installation;
  • automatic and manual;
  • drive speed is controlled smoothly and steplessly;
  • the closed-loop system allows implementing it into the coiled steel processing process without any need of synchronization with the software controlling the whole production line;
  • overload protection (electric).
Coil width, mm up to 1250
Inner Ø of coil, mm 550 - 650
Maximum load, kg up to 10 000
Operating mode Automatic, manual, reverse
Operating speed, r/min (controlled by automatics) up to 20
Mandrel expansion mechanical (by handle)
Drive power, kW< 3
Supply voltage, V 380
Dimensions, LхWхH, mm 2200х1200х1600
Weight, kg 1800
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