Manual double-support decoiler RMSC-1250

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Double-support decoiler RMSC is designed to hold and decoil sheet materials from the coils. Wide of the coils 1250 mm, maximum load 8000 kg. Equipped with manual mandrel expansion, from 415 to 620 mm diameter with brake.

A mandrel with synchronous support bars expanding enables fast and precise coil fixing, and the double-frame support ensures safe operation.

To prevent from inertial roll uncoiling, the decoiler is equipped with a braking device.

Loading expandable mandrel with coil

1. Using the threaded nut, collapse the mandrel small enough to fit into the inside diameter of the coil.  
2. Slide the expandable mandrel into the center of the coil.  
3. Turn the threaded nut clockwise until the support bars on the arbor are just snug against the inside of the coil.  
4. Finish by rotating the threaded nut clockwise until the support bars are very tight against the inside of the coil. 
5. Verify that material is in proper alignment with machine. 
6. The Coil and mandrel are now ready for loading.   

  • double-support welded frame;
  • self centering coil holder;
  • brake,
  • wheel for shaft rotation during uncoiling.
Coil width, mm up to 1250
Inner Ø of coil, mm 415 - 620
Maximum load, kg up to 8000
Dimensions, LхWхH, mm 1950x1100x1000
Weight, kg 320
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