Hand seaming tool with bronze plates and seam hooks

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Hand tool with bronze plates and seam hooks. It is optimal for work on metal with polymeric coating and copper.

The hand tools with bronze plates no marks on painted or coated profiles due to special hook locators and the edges are half-rounded.

By the special hooks tool fixed on the seam, this allows you to work with minimal force required to lock the seam connection, and also prevents the tool from slipping off the seam and the formation of scratches.

Closing of double standing seam using manual roofing tools for loking in two steps- in turn for each number.

  1. № 1 - first step hand seamer for bending 90-degree lock.
  2. № 2 - second step hand seamer for bending 180-degree lock.
  • no marks on painted or coated profilesl and improves sliding due to application of steel bronze;
  • the tool is fixed on the seam using hooks which facilitates operation and improves the seam quality;
  • application of a slide bearing distributes the metal load uniformly.
Soft steel thickness S235JR, mm 0,4-0,6
Lock height, mm 25
Size, mm 220
Weight, kg 16
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