“Fencing blinds” roll former

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Standard and options

The roll forming machines is intended to produce metall profile (lamellas) used for “Blinds” type fence construction. The machine can roll galvanized steel, including that with a polymer coating (the coating may be both single-sided and double-sided).

The high quality of the profiles is ensured by optimized configuration of the shaping rollers. The rollers are made of structural alloyed steel 40Х, and their surface is polished ideally, thereby the metal coating is not damaged during rolling. As distinct from the folding machine, this machine’s productivity is greater and it ensures consistent dimensions over the whole shape length.

Rolled blanks should be pre-cut in width and length.

To work with a coiled strip on the machine for the production of the “Fence blinds” profile, it is necessary to install optional a shaped pneumatic guillotine (stationary cut), an automatic control system and a decoiler, which will increase productivity and reduce the number of service personnel to 1 person, reducing the cost of the resulting profiles .

The machine does not require any speciall production facility. Due to small size and light weight it is highly mobile.

To get a quotation of the equipment you should write us by e-mail: or call us.
A custom build roll forming machine based on the customer’s drawings can be manufactured.

  • mobility;
  • durable design;
  • unlimited length of produced shapes;
  • сalibration mill stand for fine tuning of the machine for the required metal type;
  • used either as a separate unit or as a part of automated line;
  • the optimized configuration of shaping rollers for high-quality rolling.
Production speed, m/min up to 10
Soft steel thickness S235JR, mm 0,4-0,6
Maximum width of strip, mm 125
Drive power, kW 1,5
Supply voltage, V 380
Dimensions, LхWхH, mm 1800x390x750
Weight, kg 220
Standard and options
The machine is in the basic configuration, without additional equipment.
For single-phase (220V) operation.
Types of profiles
Strip width
125 mm

Profile dimensions
47,7х91,4 mm
Geography of supplies
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