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A custom build roll forming machine based on the customer’s drawings can be manufactured

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The permanent run-in and testing of new models and innovations in the equipment design on the company’s own facilities

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Why us?
Our equipment means production requiring no warehouses, rooms and a large worker staff which turns the process of using MOBIPROF mobile rollforming equipment operation process into your own mobile business.
High mobility and full adaptation for operation in conditions of Russian construction sites.
Low cost combined with excellent wear resistance and high performance.
High capacity combined with perfect product quality.
Fast self-repayment combined with minimum production costs.
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Standing seam machine SFPR sent to Vancouver
With a shaped pneumatic guillotine (3D cut) and a control pedal.
Quite as interesting as why they need so many?
Two more lines for metal fence have been shipped to our customer.
Used for “Blinds” type metal fence construction.
Another delivery of MOBIPROF roll formers to the EU, this time to Romania.
Our customers
One of the few Russian goods sold by to the whole world
Geography of sales of equipment "MOBIPROF" - the whole territory Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA

Roll forming equipment for profile production

MOBIPROF LLC is a Russian supplier and manufacturer of the equipment for production of steel profiles in Russia and CIS. It supplies machine tools for uncoiling, bending and profiling of thin sheet steel to hundreds of enterprises all over the country, guaranteeing the best quality of shape bending equipment.

The permanent run-in and testing of new models and innovations in the equipment design on the company’s own facilities, and annual participation in the major CIS exhibitions enable receipt of the promptest feedback concerning the shape-bending equipment and flexible response to ever-increasing market demands. In the long run, it is an invaluable experience which is permanently embodied by the manufacturer plant in its products.

Profile-bending equipment

Now the shape/profiles production equipment is widely used not only in construction industry, but also in its related industries, because profile is a versatile, lightweight, reliable and inexpensive construction material applied for roofing operations, finishing of walls and window apertures, manufacture of complex metal structures, etc.

The demand for steel, aluminium and stainless steel profile from Russian and foreign manufacturers has been growing steadily, and the consumer geography is increasingly wide. Now many Russian companies manufacture steel, aluminium and stainless steel shape/profile. They are in constant need of high-quality production equipment.

Our shape/profile-bending equipment is capable of operating in vertical position accommodating within the production room geometry. It uses minimum power, produces the shape/profile of unlimited length and has high capacity, reliability and durability.

Types of roll forming equipment

Many production plants need metal-working machines today. Our roll forming equipment allows covering such a requirement. We offer rolling mills for manufacture of shapes/profiles of different forms and cross-section. High precision of the manufactured products enables using them for construction and structural works to which exclusive quality standards are applied.

If a non-standard profile is required, then specialized customized equipment is necessary. Such machinery will comply with the customer’s requirements and the work specificity. The machine will be built into the production facility, which will allow saving the footprint. The customer can manufacture the parts of unlimited length at a required rate and in the required volumes.

MOBIPROF LLC manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment:

  • Roffing, machines for roofing finishing accessories
  • Machines for omega (finishing) channel;
  • Machines for С-, П-, Т-, L-, Z- shaped profileas;
  • Machines for reinforcing profiles and dry wall profiles;
  • Machines for metal siding;
  • Machines for door frame channels;
  • Machines for greenhouse tray(hydroponics);
  • Sheet benders and folding/seaming tools.

Advantages of MOBIPROF roll forming equipment

Our machines are certified and comply with Specs 3827-001-18761076-2004 and have been acknowledged with many awards.

The high product quality has been noted at the major international construction industry exhibitions of CIS, including:

  • MosBuild BATIMAT;
  • KievBuild;
  • BalticBuild (Saint Petersburg),;
  • KazBuild;
  • UralBuild (Екатеринбург);
  • БУДПРАГРЭС (Минск);
  • «RFI (Roof and Insulation, Moscow).

The MOBIPROF trademark of roll forming equipment has been operated since 1995 and is well proven. The machines are popular with the leading construction companies.

They were used to construct some up-market facilities in Moscow:

  • The Manezh;
  • Atrium;
  • Kievsky Railway Station;
  • Moscow City Duma;
  • Ararat Park Hyatt;
  • embassies of Armenia and Great Britain.

The main advantages of MOBIPROF roll forming equipment:

  • low electric power consumption;
  • minimum operating noise;
  • high capacity;
  • wide range of versions;
  • low cost as compared with foreign equivalents;
  • efficient operation even under intensive loads and batch production;
  • the utmost structural reliability (certified by the company’s warranty for 2 years);
  • possibility of manufacturing customized roll mills (the shape drawing is necessary);
  • using computer-aided design systems and advanced technologies in the field of metal flow for developing special equipment.

In addition, the shape manufacture equipment is perfectly adapted for climatic and technical peculiarities of construction in Russia, it is small-sized and lightweight which makes it easy for use both in specialized workshops and on real-life construction sites. It is notable that it is our equipment that can be most frequently seen operating in the street of any city, in frosty or rainy weather, with thickest or thinnest metal, near a worker churning the wall with a chisel hammer, cement crumbs from the wall being settled on the belt and drawn into the rolling mechanism.

Moreover, even under such conditions of operation of our shaping equipment, we declare a two-year warranty for the whole product range of machines. Our shape-bending machines feature minimum operating noise, high capacity, wide range of shapes being produced and low electric power consumption. Cost efficiency and high capacity allow decreasing the shape cost without any loss of quality.

To order the shaping equipment, use contacts posted on the website. We will make an advantageous offer for both a small team, and a big construction company.

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