Custom made roll forming

Custom made machinery

Alongside with series-produced equipment, one of the main activities of our company is designing and manufacture of line for profile production based on the customer’s drawings. Highly skilled professionals develop and manufacture the equipment. Creating the machines, the company’s developers calculate the minimum number of passes for obtaining high-quality products and optimize the roll formers machine design.

Based on the material, workpiece thickness and finished profile configuration, and to minimize the designed specific quantity of metal directly influencing both the machine cost and the manufactured product cost, three different element bases are used for the machine manufacture:

Light – production of simple profile configuration, 1,0 to 1,2 mm thickness.

Heavy - (heavy-duty bearing supports, shafts, sprockets and a frame, a more powerful electric drive) - manufacture of shapes of a more complex configuration, up to 2.0 mm thickness.

Adjustable width – profile production of simple configuration with changeable width, up to 0,5-0,7 mm thickness.  When the handwheel is rotated using two screw pairs, the movable carriers with shaping rollers move synchronically.


Our machines operate with both required width blanks preliminarily cut into specific cut length flats, and rolls (strip). When using the preliminarily prepared specific cut length blanks, only shaping machine is required for the shape rolling.

When operating from the roll, the equipment is optionally equipped with profile pneumatic (up to 0,7-1,0 mm) or hydraulic (up to 2,0 mm) guillotine for cutting the finished shape at the machine outlet, and numeric control system (CNC) for synchronization of operation of the machine and guillotine.

Depending on the profile configuration, stationary or flying cut can be implemented (without shaping process stop). The automated control system is equipped with an operator touchpad which facilitates the parameter entry and monitoring process, and enables entering 10 different modes into the system memory. The equipment can be additionally equipped with devices for chipping, cutting-out or hole punching.

When rolling shapes from workpiece of the required width and length the guillotine and CNC are unnecessary, which reduces not only the equipment cost, but also the equipment capacity. When working with coiled strip, the operator engages the flat, sets the operation mode (length, quantity of items and speed). “The flying cut” device allows increasing capacity by 45-50% as compared with stationary cut and by 90-100% as compared with a machine without guillotine, thus decreasing the produced shape cost.

When rolling shapes with workpiece at the shape ends, at shape start and end positions, there is a 5 to 15 cm area where there occurs “opening” process, i.e. 2-3° angle mismatch. Its decrease (but not total elimination) is possible if a profile guillotine is installed at the machine outlet.

To calculate the equipment cost, it is necessary to send a shape drawing or sketch to our e-mail address: indicating your contact details.

Geography of supplies
A custom build roll forming machine

Design, production of new equipment, as well as the manufacture of equipment for the production of profiles - one of the main directions of the company MOBIPROF. High-class specialists develop and manufacture equipment. Creating machines, the company's developers calculate the minimum required number of transitions to produce high-quality products, optimize the profile bending machine design.

Why it is worth making an application for the production of machines under the order in the company MOBIPROF:

The company's engineers are perfectly versed in the rolling equipment, in technological processes. Thanks to our own production base, equipped with high-precision equipment, it is possible to manufacture equipment for custom profiling for a large range of profiles

Our developers use modern two-and three-dimensional complexes of computer-aided design, design and analysis of technological preparation of production;

Low prices (all work from the project to the final product is done on its own production base, accurate calculation of the optimal number of transitions to obtain a quality profile);

Small size and weight of equipment (no need for large production areas);

Simplicity of a design and high interchangeability of details;

Availability of spare parts and components;

Safety of work of machines and lines is ensured by their production in accordance with the requirements of GOST or TU;

12 months warranty;

Perpetual service support of the manufacturer;

Long service life.

All parts for machines are produced on modern equipment, providing a long service life and a relatively low cost.

Customized profiling machine - a profitable acquisition for small businesses

With the help of our machines, it is not difficult to organize the production of light steel profiles. Acceptable cost, high quality of equipment produced by us will ensure a quick payback of equipment. All machines adapt as much as possible to the conditions of various regions of the country, which allows them to function smoothly directly at work sites. This guarantees a long service life.

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