Manual slitting machine SPR-1250/3R

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Standard and options

Manually-operated machine SPR-1250/3-R is used for for slitting and cutting coiled or sheet metal. The maximum steel thickness is 0.8 mm, 1250 mm useful working width. Light weight and small size of the machine allow transporting it in a car and using it in any place. No specially prepared site, room or electric power is necessary for the machine operation.

The pattern slitting process is carried out manually, by rotating the handle fixed on the lower shaft and transmitting the torque to the upper shaft by means of two gear wheels. Slitting is performed when the blank passes between disk cutters, which are overlapped with each other (disk pair). The quantity of disk cutters installed on the shaft depends on metal thickness and type. As standard equipped with 3 sets of adjustable cutter blades.

The disk cutter is fixed on the shaft by means of retention screws in 2 symmetrically located flattened surfaces (a plane on the shaft). The precise seating of the disk cutters on the shaft and symmetrical arrangement of the retention screws ensure perfect perpendicularity of the disk cutter to the cutting plane, which influences the finished product edge quality directly, and absence of burrs. Rubber bushings installed on the lower shaft improve the metal drawing.

Adjustment for the required thickness by changing the overlapping value between disk cutters by replacing the linings under the upper bearing cages, fixing the upper shaft.

Manual cut by extra roller shear, ensuring the cut metal with thickness up to 0,8 mm. For more comfortable operation of the machine can be equipped with a support stand.

The metal slitting machine capacity is 10 times as high as that of hand tools. It replaces the guillotine completely when sheet metal is cut.

The addition of extra set of cutter blades reduces the cutting capacity when slitting:


* In the photo the machine is presented with additional equipment.

  • high cutting quality thanks to pushing rubberized sleevs;
  • possibility of fine tuning to various metal type and thickness;
  • quick and simple readjustment of disk cutters for sleeting metal for the desired blank width;;
  • adjustable input guides;
  • manual cut by extra roller shear (optional);
  • possibility of installing a device for applying a protective film;
  • it is in addition completed with a support frame for convenience of work;
  • heat-treated disk cutters with double-sided sharpening, made of instrument steel.
Operating speed, m/min up to 5
Max. slitting thickness S235JR, mm 0,35 - 0,8
Maximum width of the coil, mm up to 1250
Minimum sliting width, mm 80
Maximum sets of cutter blades up to 3
Dimensions, LхWхH, mm 1600х530х250
Weight, kg 52
Standard and options
As standard, it is delivered with three pairs of cutter blades.
Manual transversal cutting by roller shear up to 0,7 mm.
Set (2 pcs.) of slitting blades ref. SPR-1250/3-R and 3-A
Support stand for slitting machine
Pushing rubberized sleevs for SPR-1250/3R and 3A
Additional device for applying a protective film
Manual with numerical display
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